Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 23rd

, July 23, 2021

Wow! Yesterday was such an exciting day, we’re still smiling about it today.

Yesterday was Olympics at camp. We played and competed hard all day and night, and after a very close Sing, Water was crowned our champion. Congratulations to captains Lindsay Messinger and Jack Weiner and the rest of the team for a well-earned victory!

We celebrated late into the night with our second all-camp dance of the summer. It was our first this year on BB1, and it was an awesome night! It was so cool to see bunks dancing together, counselors dancing with campers and at one point, it looked like entire divisions were huddled up for their favorite songs.

Even after the dance was over, some cabins around camp were lit up like discos as friends danced and sang late into the night.

Today was a beautiful sun-splashed Heyday full of regular activities. We’ll cap off another fantastic Camp Green Lane week with our camp show tonight, presented by the Drama club, followed by bunk parties.

Of course, we’re doing this all with an eye towards tomorrow and our Virtual Visiting Day. The campers are excited for their screen time with you! They’re also looking forward to Wawa hoagies, Chickies and Pete’s fries and Kona Ice for Dessert!  We have planned for some exciting activities to make tomorrow feel even more special for everyone.

Tomorrow, you will inevitably be hearing about your child’s “best friends.” It’s hard to believe, especially for some of our first-year campers that in just four weeks a “best friend” can be made.  The truth is when you live with someone, sleep next to someone, play with someone, 24 hours a day, seven days week, it creates a bond that is indescribable.  You know more about your cabin mates than you do most people in your life. You can name their favorite breakfast cereal, favorite canteen treat, and favorite evening activity. You know whether they get up early or go to bed late.  You know what books they read, what games they play and what music they listen to.  And while many of these things may seem superficial, they do all add up to a bond that is a camp “best friend.”  And we can say honestly that it is these friends that will stay with your children for their entire lives.  They will be the first ones they share happy news with and the shoulders they cry on when they need them.  We are so happy to see your children out interacting, laughing, singing, and playing together all day and night.  We can’t wait to see what the second half of the summer holds for them and watch them continue to strengthen these bonds and make new ones!

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!