Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 24th

, July 24, 2021

Another visiting day has come and gone.  Although, different from all previous, and hopefully all future Visiting Days, the day was a huge success!  Thank you all for your patience and cooperation today as there was no possible way of doing a dress rehearsal, but everything worked out very well!

Following the morning FaceTime calls, we put the phones away and had a memorable day at Camp Green Lane with fun, food trucks and special events!

First up, every camper and counselor in camp was treated to a big pile of Chickie’s and Pete’s Fries in the Circle. Next, there were Wawa hoagies and we had picnics by cabin all around camp.

After lunch, the Survivor music summoned everyone to BB2, where we held a Bucket Brigade all the way down to the lake. The Senior Boys celebrated the win, and we were all treated to Kona Shaved Ice in the afternoon to cap off a memorable Visiting Day!

Tonight, we have the much-anticipated Counselor Talent Show for everyone in camp!

While these last four week have been phenomenal, we are more excited for the second half of the best summer ever. We have special events coming up like Halloween, the Triathlon, Color War!!!  The cheers of 1-2-3-4- We Want Color War have already started in the dining hall. Everyone is watching out for those booms!

See you tomorrow!