Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 25th

, July 25, 2019

Today, our girls in Atlantis, Gamma and Sigma spent the day in New Hope and our boys in the Phillies, Alpha and Delta went paint balling. The campers wait their entire camp life to get to go on these special trips and everyone had a really amazing time!

Everyone else in camp followed a normal schedule today with absolutely beautiful weather! With only two weeks left of camp, we are all trying to cherish these “normal” moments that we will miss so much when we are home. You see campers holding hands from activity to activity, the older kids swimming with the younger kids in the pool, and everyone singing old color war songs while smiling ear to ear. 

It’s that point in the summer when you can tell strong bonds have been formed throughout the bunks. Even though many kids only met at the beginning of the summer, it feels like everyone here has been best friends for their entire life. Living with each other every day between the arches can do that do you! We have created an indescribable bond here at camp and we will hold onto every second of our last two weeks together!

Believe me, there is still so much to do in these two weeks! Everyone is excited for our annual Triathlon tomorrow morning, followed by our Halloween in July afternoon! We will be carving watermelons instead of pumpkins and having hayrides for all the campers! Tomorrow night is our Halloween Dance and there has been buzz all over camp about which cabins will have the most creative costumes! Stay tuned