Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 25th

, June 25, 2024

During Orientation, counselors learned the art of making a game out of anything. It’s an important skill for counselors to have so there’s literally not a dull moment in the summer. You can make anything fun. Last night at dinner, they got to see what making a game out of anything at CGL looks and sounds like.

Uncle Max announced to everyone that we needed to decide who would have Canteen at the end of the meal, girls or boys. The only way to decide such a monumental choice is to have last year’s winning Color War captains compete in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who got the first Canteen of the summer.

Aunt Bonnie’s Canteen is open to campers after dinner most nights. It alternates each night between boys and girls. There’s ice cream and slushies and Skittles and all kinds of candy and chips. So this may have been The Most Important Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors Ever Played. Jack Futerman represented the Boys and Lilah Greenberg played for the Girls in a best-of-three.

Rock crushes scissors. Scissors cut paper. Paper covers rock. And the Girls won the first Canteen of Summer 2024. You can imagine the bedlam in the Dining Hall when Lilah won.

That energy carries us into another amazing day at camp. We’ve only been here for two days, but campers were saying how they feel like we’ve been here a while, which means we’re all comfortable and having fun. Today was Anyday on the schedule—we trade Sunday, Monday, etc. for an eight-day schedule at camp, which prevents anyone from missing any activities for long stretches because of special events, trips or weather.

Anyday has Boys Camp running Clinic in the morning and Girls Camp running Elective. The afternoon had Boys at Free Swim first, followed by the Girls during sixth period, the last of the day before Shower Hour, Dinner and Evening Activities again.

Tonight, the Inter Boys are going on the first trip of the summer to Freddy Hill for mini golf and ice cream! Inter Girls will Meet Their Match, Cadets have Human Building Blocks, the Debs have Paint Night, the Senior Boys have an overnight, Senior Girls will play Message to Garcia and the Greeks play Send Me.

And of course, tonight is finally Boys Canteen.