Camp Green Lane Blog Post–July 25th

, July 25, 2016

Today we really took advantage of all of the water activities we have here at Camp Green Lane. Everyone was finding ways to stay cool and enjoy the summer weather. We had the whole Cadet division in the lake, the Senior Girls playing water polo and Debs had an awesome water fight. We ran regular swims and had all of our campers staying hydrated and running in and out of sprinklers all day. Even though it may be super hot in the outside world, we were all good here in the CGL bubble.

Tonight the Inter Boys will be playing Human Building Blocks while the Inter Girls and Senior Girls have card night in the gym. The Debs and Cadets will play Singled Out in the Globe and the Senior Boys will have bombardment in the Dome. Have a great Monday and watch out for those Booms!

 Yours in Camping

 Aunt Jessie