Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 26th

, July 26, 2017

Today we had our Soccer Camp Within a Camp. We started with a 2 hour morning session which focused on technical touches, feints, and winning a 1v1. Technical touches are the cornerstone of a great soccer player and should be worked on daily. In the afternoon the focus was on passing and receiving. We started with basic mechanics with foot and body placement using passing patterns. We finished the session with possession based scrimmages. The emphasis was on movement off the ball along with finding the open player. Overall, we covered a lot of the attacking principles of play and the campers all had a great time learning new skills. This was our last small group camp within a camp of the summer.

For the rest of camp it was a regular beautiful day! It’s pretty awesome the weather has been cool and it has made all of the activities great. Tonight we have a lot of different evening activities. Some include, Message to Garcia, Panic, Sardines and a new game called Send Me. Our campers always love when we try something new!  Listen for those booms!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie