Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 26th

, July 26, 2018

Today was a joyous day at Camp Green Lane as the sunshine finally overtook the rainclouds! Though campers were definitely having a ball slipping and sliding around our fields during these past few rainy days, it was a welcome sight to see nothing but sunny skies all day. Hopefully the sunshine will continue to shine at camp as we inch closer and closer to the three booms of Color War! 

Out-of-camp trips continued today with the Upper Senior Girls and Greek Girls visiting New Hope, and Upper Senior Boys and Greek Boys heading to the paintball park! 

New Hope is a pedestrian-friendly, quaint borough in Eastern Pennsylvania — a perfect location for campers to relax and enjoy themselves. Bunkmates and their counselors spent the day exploring everything New Hope has to offer, including great food and endless amounts of shops. It was great watching campers laughing around town having a ball!

Paintball was, of course, a thrilling affair. Upper Senior Boys battled it out against the Greeks in six games of intense paintball across three different courses! The courses were out in the woods, filled with obstacles and forts for campers to take position. After each game, campers excitedly bragged about their shots and strategies with one another. Such intensity results in some serious teambuilding.

Tonight’s evening activity is a special one: a camp-wide movie under the stars! As I write this, campers have blankets setup all over the tennis courts as The Greatest Showman is being projected on a blow up screen. Though there are many intangible aspects of community, it’s wonderful to physically see all of camp in one place enjoying an activity as one family.