Camp Green Lane Blog Post–July 27th

, July 27, 2016

All of the Color War guesses are in, and everyone is eager for booms. Campers have begun to speculate how Color War will break, what the themes will be, and if they will be wearing green or white. I always love to hear what campers think the themes will be. They are so creative and funny. Just today, it was rumored that the themes were White Salt vs Green Pepper and White Green vs Green White.

Today, we ran a HeyDay schedule and everyone had a blast, whether it was playing soccer, getting artsy at lakeside or taking a dip in the pool. Tonight the Senior Girls will be going mini golfing at Freddie Hill Farms, while the Inters, Debs and Cadets all will be playing night leagues. The Senior Boys will be playing “Know Your Counselor” and the Greeks will be playing black light dodgeball.

Watch out for those booms!!!

 Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie