Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 28th

, July 28, 2018

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Color War is upon us!

Two loud booms filled the air as campers were heading back to their cabins after breakfast. Everyone excitedly ran to BB1 to determine if this was a fake break, or the real thing. All of a sudden, members of the world famous, Joe Ferko String band of the famed Mummers began parading through camp as the third and final boom went off…signaling the beginning of Color War 2018! Needless to say, the energy was palpable!!  Everyone ran down to BB1 to find out what team they’re on.

The themes this year are White Cyberspace and Green Outer Space. Mia Cohen and Ethan Weiner are White Cyberspace Captains, with Gabrielle Pludo and Corey Blitzer representing Green Outer Space. Yael Abergel, Ella Weisberger, Fisher Tilson, and Nathan Reid were thrilled to learn they were chosen as camper captains for Green Outer Space. Meanwhile, Ethan Kessler, Nate Sterinbach, Emily Katoni, and Sophia Kruger were equally thrilled to find out they’ll be representing White Cyberspace as camper captains.

To help write the ever important Color War songs — Amanda Krantz, Emily Levine, Maggie Stutman, Ben Elliot, Max Frantz, and Jack Williamson were selected as Song Writers for the Green team, and Drew Kevitch, Abby Pasmowitz, Autumn Shirk, Finlay Campbell, Matt Reses, and Tyler Sklut chosen as Song Writers for the White team.

After everyone learned what team they were on, it was time for rallies! The Green team headed to the gym and the White team headed to the Globe to get pumped up for Color War and start learning their team’s chants and songs. Everyone was really getting into the spirit!

After a day full of Green vs White Cabin Activities, tonight we have Symbol Search which is 9 items are hidden throughout the camp that represent the themes and the campers have to find the symbols. Afterwards, we have a triple header of Volleyball under the lights in front of the whole camp.  First we have Gamma/Sigma, then Male Staff followed by the Female staff.

The War is on!