Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 28th

, July 28, 2019

Today was another intense day of color war between the arches! The kids are decked in their green and white outfits and they have been playing their hearts out in their cabin sports activities!

Along with basketball, soccer, volleyball and softball, the campers played water polo at the pool today too. It was a blast! The score has been going back and forth and it is a very tight race.

The teams have been working hard practicing their songs at rallies and you can already hear them being sung all over camp. You can always find at least one team at the picnic tables with their guitars and harmony groups practicing their team’s Alma Mater and Friendship songs for our Color War Sing. 

Last night after dinner we hid objects that related to the teams’ theme all throughout camp and the campers and counselors went on a hunt to find them in our symbol search event. The White Team came out on top with 6 items but Green was not far behind with 5 items. We finished the night with Gamma/Sigma Volleyball on BB1 with a Green Team Victory. 

Tonight after dinner we have our all camp Scavenger Hunt event followed by the always exciting and very intense Male Staff Basketball game!