Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 29th

, July 29, 2021

The last couple of nights, the Inter Girls, the youngest in camp, have been taking it outside and sleeping in tents under the stars. The Overnight, a one-night camping excursion, featuring a cookout dinner (burgers and dogs) and cereal in the morning, is among the favorite experiences of the summer.

Upon returning from their overnight, the cabin of Dunes talked about how cool it was to cook dinner outside. Ritz  talked about a prank their counselor played on them. Regency talked about the prank they played on their counselor. And they all reported on the scary noises they all heard in the woods in the middle of the night!

However, the girls all said how much fun it was to be out there with their friends and how it was a highlight of the summer.

Those are once-in-a-lifetime memories, and as you look around camp these days, you can see them being made all over the place. Arts and Crafts is packed with projects drying and waiting to be picked up. Tournaments are underway to crown division champions in every sport and game under the sun.

And in these days, new games are even being created, too. One game—Make it or Lake it—has become instantly popular on BB1. There was a long line of brave boys waiting to shoot threes this afternoon before Free Swim. If you hit the shot, you’re safe. If you miss, you might end up jumping in the lake!

We’re excited to celebrate Halloween tomorrow, and we’re anxious for more special events, and even some surprises, after that.

See you tomorrow!