Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 29th

, July 29, 2016

Today was very exciting day at camp, the annual Camp Green Lane triathlon! Campers in each division qualified in the previous days for the chance to compete in the race. The Inter Boys competing were Matthew Gurtov, Max Levin, Ethan Green, Ty Greenberg, Matthew Freedman, Dylan Rayman, Jake Solomon, Zach Rayman, Sam Levin, and Jesse Pollock. The Inter Girls were Kayleigh Bender, Dani Ostroff, Remi Schaller, Ashley Klein, Reese Rubin, Dakota Mass, Jocelyn Reed, Ellie Roberge, Kayla Mickelberg and Lola Kevitch. The Debs and Senior Girls were Yael Abergel, Emily Katoni, Leah Lederer, Halle Weitzman, Alex Snyderman, Elizabeth Galett, Rayna Ostroff, Hayley Levin and Sabrina Greenberg. The Cadets and Senior Boys competing were Drew Schwartz, Jonathan Burton, Nate Sterinbach, Nathan Reed, Hunter Cohen, Matt Green, Alex Diamonstein, Dylan Milano and Will Pludo.

The race consists of a run, swim and bike of differernt lengths dependent on their age. The Inters will be doing a 1-mile bike, 1.25 mile run and .25 mile swim. The Debs, Cadets and Seniors will be doing a 1.5 mile bike, a 2 like run and a .75 mile swim. The kids have been training all summer to compete and they were excited for the big day. The best part of the triathlon is how supportive the camp is of all those participating. Campers of all ages line the track cheering each other on; they give out water and stand at the finish line to root on the runners as they finish. All the participants fought hard and this summer’s winners are Kayleigh Bender, Ty Greenberg, Leah Lederer, Hunter Cohen, Rayna Ostroff and Will Pludo! Congratulations to everyone who was a part of it!

Tonight we will have Friday night services led by our oldest girls cabin, Sigma as they reflect together with only 2 weeks left.

Watch out for those booms!


Yours in Camping


Aunt Jessie