Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 2nd

, July 2, 2018

Special activities all over the place today at Camp Green Lane!

Today, all campers were treated to a special visit by Aaron Bell and some of his teammates who ran an ultimate Frisbee clinic with each division. Ultimate Frisbee has slowly but surely become one of the more popular sports at camp, so campers relished the opportunity to learn from some pros! Bunkmates encouraged each other as they worked on catching and throwing, running routes, passing, defense, and finally a game. It’s impressive how fast our campers can run while keeping their eye on the Frisbee! Ultimate Frisbee is a great camp sport, the perfect balance of competitive athletics and lighthearted gameplay.

Additionally, today was our first Camp-Within-A-Camp of the summer. Our Camp-Within-A-Camp program is an intensive one-day program that provides campers with professional, personalized instruction in a particular sport or other activity. While the CGL program gives our campers a wide variety of sports and activities, we realize that several campers may have a strong passion for a specific one. Camp-Within-A-Camp satisfies that need. Each summer we feature a different lineup of these camps.  Today’s Volleyball Camp-Within-A-Camp program was coached by Brandon Johnson of Pinnacle Volleyball. It was inspiring to watch the focus on campers’ faces as they honed their volleyball skills. Most importantly, it was great to see the camaraderie between program participants as they supported each other during the lesson.

Once again, please know that it is 8-10 degrees cooler here in Camp Green Lane than wherever you are on the east coast during this heat wave. We are making sure that the kids are staying hydrated and getting plenty of time in the pool, lake and shade throughout the day.  We hope you are staying as cool as we are here at Camp Green Lane!!!!