Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 2nd, 2021

, July 2, 2021

Today’s blog was inspired by a conversation by the picnic tables with the ladies of Claridge.

Claridge is a Senior Girls cabin made up of some very smart and observant young ladies going into 8th grade.  They’ve been together for several summers and they are savvy camp veterans who feel like today we returned to a bit of normalcy with a regular Heyday schedule after three days of weather-related changes.

Hailey Baruch, Sophie Brenner, Emory Cohen, Rebekah Golub, Paige King, Hannah Rubin and Alexa Saladino want everyone at home to know they’re having fun and wearing plenty of bug spray and sunscreen. Addi Stein especially wants to report we had mac and cheese today for lunch.

They’d like you to know they rode the bikes today and spent quality time with their friends on the playground, but more than that, they wanted to talk about cherishing moments and savoring time with the people you love.

Because time is a finite commodity. We only have so much of it. But time at Camp Green Lane is even more limited because we’re here for seven short weeks. There’s an expression that we live 10 months through the year for the two here at camp.

So that’s why they cherish their time here. Because there’s so little of of it, compared to the many days of school. Because within a short amount of time here at CGL, we pack a ton of fun and experiences and memories into everything we do. And when we encounter challenges and obstacles on the fields or even in life, the people we meet here are typically the ones we lean on the hardest to get over those humps.

To gather courage to go on the zip line or into the deep end or to face down a personal challenge. The ladies of Claridge can look around and see they have those people around them.

Because there’s no other place, and no other time, when you’re surrounded by your best friends in the world than the two short months we’re together at CGL. That’s why we savor every moment with them.

Nicely done, Claridge.