Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 2nd

, July 2, 2019

Today was another beautiful day in our Camp Green Lane bubble! There was not a cloud in the sky.

We started our day with Lip Sync practices for our upcoming Carnival this Friday. The Carnival Lip Sync theme this year is Road Trip. Two bunks are paired together, one cabin from boys camp and one from girls camp. It could be the youngest boy’s cabin with the oldest girls cabin or they could be the same age!  Yet another opportunity to meet other campers within our summer family!  It’s a lot of fun to watch the campers get creative and have a ball with each other, while dancing and singing to their group song. Laughter was heard all over camp!

We also enjoyed Intercamp Games against Camp Arrowhead today. We had the pleasure of welcoming Arrowhead into our camp, as our U12 and U14 campers played basketball, soccer and softball.

While the games themselves were a lot of fun, the best part of today was watching the sportsmanship from our campers and the unity felt here at Camp Green Lane. It was like one family cheering on a sibling or child! I witnessed campers lifting each other up, patting each other on the back and rooting for each other win or lose.

Our Inter Girls created a Cheerleading Squad lead by the Sigma Girls during our boys basketball games. With their pom poms in hand, the energy and spirit of the crowd was electric! You could feel the support from all our campers today as our kids played their hearts out. Being a part of our Green Lane family sure makes you feel proud.

We had an all camp BBQ between games and it was a wonderful day for all!