Camp Green Lane Blog Post—July 30th

, July 30, 2019

The lead has been going back and forth and you couldn’t dream of a closer race! While yesterday went to the white team, today’s events have gone to the green team!

We started the day with girls at track and fields and the swim meet for the boys, which were both won by the green team. After lunch everyone headed to BB1 for All G-d’s Children. This  game requires each team, by division, to line up on one side of the basketball court and throw their shoes into the middle without looking. When the whistle blows, everyone runs into the middle of the court to find their own pair of shoes! They have to hustle to put their shoes back on and tied and then get into line faster than the other team. The team who’s line is completed the fastest wins! It’s a ton of fun and the campers and staff loved playing it by division while the other ages cheered them on!

After All G-d’s Children, everyone in camp stayed on BB1 for our female camper captain’s time to shine! It was time for them to compete in The Amazing Race! The Amazing Race is a bunch of different challenges they need to complete on BB1. The challenges range from athletic to mental and they never know what to expect next! This year we had 15 clues for the girls and some of their clues were scattered all over camp and they had to retrieve them and complete the task on BB1. Some of that tasks that were included were throwing a frisbee from the baseline of the basketball court to land in center court, bringing down a cooler of ice and picking out the marbles on the bottom using only their feet. They needed to sift through a bowl of keys to find the one that opened their lock and then complete the three word scrambles that were attached to the lock. They had to dive into foam to find a small poker chip. They had to chisel out their team’s color war t-shirts from a cooler of ice and put them on, then each captain had to make a foul shot to win The Amazing Race 2019! All 4 girls did incredible and it was a really close race! The Green team camper captains, Lauren Kelley and Jordie Lauer were victorious over the White team camper captains Emma Freedman and Lila Greenberg.  It was so heartwarming to see all of the girls cheering each other on followed by a huge group hug from both sides once they completed their race. All of the younger campers look up to these camper captains and they are truly leading by example.  

Tonight after dinner we have cabin activities followed by Female Staff Basketball! It has been a wonderful week of color war so far!