Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 30th

, July 30, 2021

Today was an extra-special day at camp.

We awoke to the big boom of our first fake break of the summer. Everyone ran down to BB1 before breakfast and went back up the hill disappointed Color War didn’t break yet.

However, what followed was a postcard day at Camp Green Lane with the most delightful breeze and clear blue skies and some incredible events.

Tonight is Halloween, and everyone’s been working on costumes in Arts and Crafts to wear in the parade. We’ll also have a dance on BB1 tonight. There’s always a buzz around camp when there’s a dance, but today featured a special schedule that had us doing a lot of fun activities by division.

We had paintball fights and carved up watermelons to be judged at dinner. We also had a BBQ lunch (hot dogs!) and plenty of Free Swim.

But the highlight of the day was the running of the CGL Triathlon. The younger campers took part in a swim-run biathlon around camp, and the older campers competed in a grueling swim-bike-run triathlon. Many have been training for it. So it was really something to see campers, young and old, push themselves to finish the race.

The best part was that every competitor got to have someone run alongside them to push and support them through it all. So you saw pairs of siblings, friends and even some supportive counselors running with their campers down a road lined with cheering campers. Bunks showed out for their friends and it was a memorable morning of extraordinary sportsmanship and support.

See you tomorrow!