Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 30th

, July 30, 2017

Day 2 of Color War and the competition is really heating up! Last night for the symbol search we ended up having a tie with both teams finding 5 items so they split the points. Our evening activity last night was both Male and Female Staff Volleyball games, both won by the White team.  It was a great night.

Today we had cabin activities, both in the morning and afternoon. Some highlights include an overtime BBK game, a last minute go ahead basket in Sands/Claridge Basketball on BB1 and a crazy goal during Inter Girl soccer. The spirit in camp is so high right now. I love seeing all the crazy green and white outfits the campers wear. We have campers in full-face paint, tutus, headbands, high socks and bandanas. Everyone looks intense fighting for points for their team! 

Tonight we have our first envelope event, the Scavenger hunt. An envelope event means that the winning team will not know how many points they get for the event till the end of color war. That amount is sealed in an envelope and given to the winning captains. The Scavenger hunt is one of my all-time favorite activities. The captains need to organize the whole team to get everything on the list done within an hour. It’s stressful but amazing to watch a whole team come together to get it all done. After that we will watch our male staff play basketball! Good luck to everyone tonight!!

Here is the current score….

Green: 857

White: 965

 It’s a 108 point color war! 

Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie