Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 31

, July 31, 2018

Day 3 of Color War saw some major events take place, including Acorn Relay and Rope Burn! But first, campers continued their rotation of Color War cabin activities in the morning with the Marlins/Cubs/As playing soccer; Cards/Blue Jays playing basketball; Cadets and Senior boys playing Gaga; Alpha/Delta playing hot shots; Inter Girls playing sea hunt; Palace/Sands playing kickball; Hilton/Tropicana/Claridge/Atlantis playing football; and Gamma/Sigma playing basketball.

The afternoon featured another intense staff event: male and female soccer.  Our international staff were eager to show off their soccer/futbol skills for their campers, and they did not disappoint — the close games ended in penalty kicks!

The main events of the day, however, were undoubtedly the Acorn Relay and Rope Burn. Acorn Relay is a camp-wide event where every single camper is involved in the relay! It’s a sight to behold to see the entire camp involved in a relay race. Campers of all ages were racing around camp, completing challenges such a dizzy lizzies, bean bag tosses, and singing lullabies, before passing off the baton to the next camper to complete the next challenge. In the end, the Green Team emerged victorious!

The evening activity was Rope Burn, an event aspiring camper captains dream about the moment they set foot in Camp Green Lane. For Rope Burn, the male camper captains must build a fire high enough to burn and eventually break a thick, water-logged roped 10 feet (?) above ground. They accomplish this by spending the first couple days of Color War searching for wood strong enough to build a teepee structure. Rope Burn is a hallowed tradition at Camp Green Lane and a wonderful bonding experience between the camper captains and their rope burn coach. With the entire camp cheering “build that fire higher higher!”, the White burned their rope 4 minutes before the Green Team!

Wow, what a day! Stay tuned for further updates!