Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 31st

, July 31, 2017

Day 3 and the war keeps going! Last night we had our scavenger hunt which the Green Team won! It takes a lot of organization so congrats to both teams on your hard work. 

Today’s events also took a lot of organization. We had both track and field and swim meets. The Track and Field meet consists of sprints, relays and a softball throw. The swim meet consists of sprints and a medley relay. It was an awesome day. Everyone swam and ran with grace. The spirit was out in full force as everyone cheered every camper from and Inter to a Greek on. At the end of the day the Green team won out with the most amount of points for both events! 

This afternoon the campers watched both male and female staff soccer games. Both games were incredibly close. The Male staff went into PK’s with Green winning in the end. The Green team won the girls’ game in the last 2 MINUTES! Great job to all our counselors who played, it was exciting to watch.

After dinner tonight, we will have the ever popular Acorn Relay. The acorn relay is a relay that involves every camper in camp. It is up to the captains to decide which campers do what event. The cool part about this relay is each team is able to submit the different ways they would like to complete each task. For example one of the events is to list all the U.S presidents in order. You could use 2 people to do this or 50 people. Its up to each team to decide what is the best way. We cannot wait to see who wins this second envelope event!

Tonight our male camper captains have their event- Rope Burn. These boys have been waiting for the chance to do this their entire camp life. They are tasked with building a fire that will burn a rope in half. The rope is hanging from poles 10 feet in the air. The first team to break their rope wins. This is one of my favorite events of Color War. Everyone is so excited as we watch the fires burn. I have never seen the camp as intense as it is on Rope Burn night. Good luck to the camper captain’s Jack Weiner, Ryan Musum, Ethan Kruger and Sam Cohen. We are all rooting for you! 

The current score going into tonight’s activities is…

Green: 1,528

White: 1,564

Yours in camping 

Aunt Jessie