Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 31st

, July 31, 2019

We cannot believe tomorrow is already the end of Color War and the Sing! What a wonderful week of color war it has been!

Today we had our cabin activities this morning and our Division Relays this afternoon. Division Relays are a relay race all over camp with each division starting at the same time from different locations going to different places. It is the true definition of organized chaos and a ton of fun to watch! The teams tied division relays, each team winning 4 divisions.

Following the relays, the skies opened up for the first time in a week and it was absolutely perfect timing for our always popular Spelling Bee! The entire camp went into the Globe to watch our two best spellers in each division compete on stage in the Bee! Everyone gets really into the event and the roars of cheering are as loud as our basketball games on BB1! The White Team put up a great fight but the Green Team won the Spelling Bee with the winning word, Lucrative, coming from Deb camper, Catalina Merchan.

Tonight we will head into the Globe to watch the Color War skits provided by both teams. The teams had to write skits based on why their theme is the best. The campers have been rehearsing hard and everyone is looking forward to a fantastic show!