Camp Green Lane Blog Post- July 31st

, August 1, 2016

Yesterday was a wonderful second day of color war! Both teams fighting hard as they played their cabin and division activities. The day consisted of various cabin athletics including football, gaga, sea hunt and the ever-popular hot shots. The Greeks have all started on the artwork and last night at dinner Gamma girls presented the score boards. The winner of Scoreboards was the White Team


On Saturday night, we had the annual color war spelling bee. The spellers did an amazing job with some pretty tricky words. The winning word was Pancetta speed correctly by Green Team songwriter Adam Holmes. Congratz to all the spellers who participated!


Last night during free play was our scavenger hunt, which is the first envelope event. Envelope events are worth a large amount of points which are not disclosed until the last meal of color war. To win the Scavenger hunt requires each team to think smart and stay organized. There are a lot of different items each team must find, as well as activities to complete and ways to get creative. The Green team won the Scavenger Hunt.

This morning is filled with more cabin and divisional competitions. Good luck to both teams!

Yours in Camping,

Aunt Jessie