Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 3rd

, July 3, 2018

Our rotation of out-of-camp evening activities continued last night with the older Inter Boys and older Inter Girls enjoying a session at Rebounderz, and Senior Boys and Senior Girls going bowling. Rebounderz is an indoor trampoline park that campers absolutely love…and I totally understand why! It’s an absolute blast to hop around the indoor park and fly as high as you can. I wish I got to experience a trampoline park when I was a kid!

With Carnival right around the corner, campers spent the majority of the day today practicing their Carnival lip sync songs. Cabins are paired together in groups of two to compete in a lip sync battle the night before Carnival. It’s truly adorable to see the older campers and younger campers paired together and practicing their routines as one. Carnival, a day-long event of circus-like mini-games, carnival rides and food, culminating in a dance, is one of the most anticipated events of camp.

Today, campers also began practicing for the upcoming Intercamp Games. On Friday, Camp Green Lane will compete against Camp Kweebec in basketball and soccer. Intercamp Games are a great opportunity for campers to put their newfound skills to the test, while also exhibiting the sportsmanship that we teach them every single day at camp.