Camp Green Lane Blog Post-July 4th

, July 4, 2019

The fourth of July here at Green Lane has been action packed with fun! Everyone came decked in their finest Red, White and Blue to breakfast to celebrate Independence Day between the arches!

Shortly after breakfast, the Survivor music blasted through camp as it was time for our 2nd Survivor event of the summer! The event was called Paint Wars. Each division was tasked with two campers at a time running into the middle of the circle to cover their thumb in their division’s colored paint. Then, they ran and put their finger print on another division’s paper and tagged the next person in their division to go in the relay. After three minutes, the division with the most amount of paint on their team’s paper was eliminated.  It required a lot of strategy and speed. The divisions had a ton of fun creating alliances and partnering up to get other divisions out each round. With a very intense and close championship round, The Inter Boys ended up taking 1st place with Inter Girls in 2nd and Greeks taking 3rd. 

At the end of lunch, after eating our red, white and blue water ice, we had an all camp dance party to celebrate The Fourth of July ! campers and counselors alike had a blast dancing up a storm in the Dining Room! 

We continued the dancing after lunch with our annual Carnival Lip Sync!  All the bunks were so creative this year with our “Road Trip” theme. The entire camp was singing and clapping to every song! It was an all camp sing along in the Globe! It was the perfect afternoon before hitting the pool for some water fun! 

Happy 4th of July to all!!