Camp Green Lane Blog Post, July 5th

, July 5, 2021

Today’s blog was compiled by the Braves, one of the oldest Senior Boys cabins. They are going into 9th grade and they want everyone at home to know they’re having a great time.

They wanted to report they had a Fourth of July hockey tournament, and Hayden Basch scored the championship-winning goal. They also wanted to include that the Senior Boys’ Stanley Cup was slightly broken in the celebration.

The boys also wanted to report on two tight Leagues games this morning, one in hockey and another in softball. They talked about mudsliding and football in the rain; the impromptu foam party they came upon during lake time. And they were still talking about the pool party the boys planned Sunday night, complete with chicken and fries, to celebrate clearing the last COVID hurdle.

Finally, the conversation turned to the things that happen here at camp without warning. The mudslide and the football, the rainstorms and the foam party were things that just happened out of nowhere. They were not planned, not part of the schedule. The boys of the Braves talked about all the things they’re still looking forward to, things like Color War, Carnival and Olympics.

All of those things come as a surprise, too. So it didn’t take these smart boys to realize how some of the best parts of camp are not planned, how the best parts of the summer come as a surprise, and happen when we least expect them to.

Over the last two days, Camp Green Lane has gotten into a rhythm. The summer has hit its stride as we move from the settling-in stage of the first week of the summer to the part where we establish a routine and really get going.

The Braves know not to get too comfortable, though. Because the next surprise might be right around the corner.