Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 5th

, July 5, 2018

Last night’s Carnival Lip Sync Challenge was a huge success! Every camper had the opportunity to take the stage and perform a “Holiday” themed lip sync song with their bunks and another bunk hat they were paired up with. It was adorable to watch the older campers and younger campers paired together and pulling off synchronized routines. The winning performance was the Cubs and Tropicana as they performed a heartfelt rendition of Let It Grow, from the Movie The Lorax, celebrating Earth Day!

The morning at camp today was spent making final preparations for the afternoon Carnival. Cabins were busy in the Dome setting up their booths. After booth preparations, campers had Electives and soccer Inter camp practice for our games tomorrow.

The afternoon Carnival was an absolute blast! As is tradition, Carnival kicked off with a Water Ballet performed by CGL counselors. Their Hollywood-themed water ballet inspired by Planet of the Apes and Titanic were met with cheers from campers and signaled the beginning of Carnival!

Campers were running around camp taking turns at all the activities Carnival had to offer. Bunkmates were challenging each other to see who could jump higher at Eurobungy and who could last the longest at Gladiator Joust. There was also HUGE interest amongst the campers to see who could dunk their counselors in the Dunk Tank! Last but not least, the Photo Booth was always a crowd favorite.

Tasty treats were abound, with Philly soft pretzels, Rita’s Water Ice, popcorn, and cotton candy just to name a few. And of course, the cabin booths were a hit! Campers loved leading their booths and visiting the booths of their friends. It was truly an amazing day!

Carnival will conclude tonight with our annual Carnival BBQ Dinner followed by the Carnival Dance, where a Carnival King and Queen will be crowned. Who will it be? Stay tuned…