Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 6th

, July 6, 2018

The dance floor was never empty at the Carnival Dance last night! Campers were having a ball dancing up a storm with their bunkmates and counselors. As the night progressed, the anticipation was palpable as campers were eager to learn who would be crowned Carnival King and Queen.  And the winners were Queen Emily Katoni and King Jeremy Jackson. Campers were treated to a 9am breakfast after a full day and night of Carnival activities

After first period activities today, Camp Green Lane was surprised with the second round of Survivor! As a reminder, Survivor is a revamped “Battle of the Divisions”, where divisions compete as “Tribes” in various activities at secret times throughout the summer. The winning Tribe will be crowned Division of the Year! Today’s Survivor game was “Bet On It”, where Tribes had to pick the winners of Upper Staff competing against each other in mini-games. Games included marshmallow eating contest; soccer goals; free throw shooting; puzzle making; hot shots; rock, paper, scissor; and a championship knockout game that featured Jordan Canino taking down Danny Gurtov in the finale. After all the Tribe picks were tallied, the winning Tribe this round was the Debs! This new event is definitely proving to be a spirited awesome event that all of the campers are enjoying!!!

Due to a rainy morning, we decided to postpone today’s Inter Camp Games against Camp Kweebec. With campers’ safety our number one priority, we didn’t want to risk campers playing competitive games in wet conditions.

Tonight’s Friday Night services will be led by the Deb Girl Division with theme being “Be yourself at Camp Green Lane.”