Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 6th

, July 6, 2019

Last night was our first dance of the summer, the Carnival Dance, and everyone had a blast! All the campers and counselors had a great time singing and dancing along to their favorite songs with their friends. We also crowned our 2019 carnival King and Queen, Trevor Auerbach and Julia Cousins! Another special part of being crowned King and Queen is that from now on, they will get to join in and dance along with all of the other past carnival Kings and Queens still at Camp Green Lane, which includes lots of our upper staff. This part of the dance feels special because it shows the amount of history we always have within the arches. It’s nice to see the winners who come back year after year, and the dance floor gets even more full when we start calling out all of the past Color War Captains.

Today was a beautiful day in camp, as we got back into our regular schedule with Heyday. We’re into our second rotation of daily schedules, which means every cabin has now been to every specialty at least once and have new favorite activities to pick for Clinic and Elective. We’re also digging in to our Intercamp Games practice in preparation for our games against Nock-a-Mixon on July 17th, with teams running soccer and basketball practices.

Even though we love special events, sometimes it feels great to just have a normal day, because normal days within the arches are all special! Next up for special events are The Olympics this Friday, and you never know when you’ll have to run down to BB1…