Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 6th

, July 6, 2024

Last night’s Services were a reminder of how special Camp Green Lane is. Uncle Max delivered a wonderful message about nurturing creativity and how we’re surrounded by it at camp, from Color War art to the art of getting frisbees out of trees with hockey sticks when they get stuck.

Last night and today were also a good opportunity to catch our breath after a crazy amount of fun. It’s still hard to think we’ve been here for two weeks because within those 14 days, we’ve jammed in a ton. From the moment we arrived, there’s been a steady stream of special events and surprises.

We’ve had talent shows and gone on overnights, we’ve gone bowling and many of us went to Freddy Hill for mini golf and ice cream; just this week, we went to the Iron Pigs baseball game, had Carnival and our first dance of the summer. We had a July 4th celebration, we’ve had cookouts and pizza parties and Canteen treats.

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks, but the best is yet to come.

So today was a nice opportunity to settle back into a regular camp morning of cabin activities. But in the afternoon, Uncle Max’s creativity kicked in and we switched to a Steamy Day schedule with plenty of time at the pool, in the lake and in the shade to stay cool.

Tonight, the Inter Boys and Girls are doing a Night Swim, Cadets are playing a 3v3 Basketball tournament,  the Debs are playing Paper Bag Drama,  Senior Boys will have a Paint Night and the Senior Girls are playing Counselor Hunt and the Greeks are playing Sing Down!

Tomorrow begins our third week, and with it a whole new slate of exciting all-camp events and special surprises.