Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 7th

, July 7, 2018

Last night’s services were beautifully led by the Debs. The entire Green Lane family, campers and staff alike, were moved by the “Be Yourself at Camp Green Lane” theme. Summers at Camp Green Lane are all about campers discovering and embracing their interests.

After a week full of special events — Iron Pigs, Carnival, and Survivor –, campers thought they were settling into a “normal” day of camp activities…but they were in for a surprise! During our afternoon snack, campers were astounded with the first boom ( a loud firework) of the summer signaling the upcoming Olympic Games! The Camp Green Lane Olympics is a one day event where the camp is divided into four teams to compete in a day of wacky events such as Monkey Soccer (playing soccer with your hands instead of your feet) and various other silly games! The Olympics culminate in a spirited sing.  This year’s Olympics teams are Nerds, Jocks, Preps and Skaters.  The captains are Ethan Weiner and Maggie Stutman for the Preps, Finlay Campbell and Amanda Krantz for the Skaters, Jack Williamson and Autumn Shirk for the Nerds, and Tyler Sklut and Emily Levine for the Jocks!

Enjoy your night as much as we will here at Camp Green Lane as it is cooling down for one very comfortable night!!