Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 7th

, July 7, 2019

Today was another beautiful day between the arches! It was Sayday on our schedule and the campers enjoyed being with their cabins for their daily activities. Campers were walking hand in hand while singing and laughter could be heard at every turn. You can tell it really feels like home here for all the campers, new and old. 

At the beginning of lunch today, we had a very special surprise! It was time to break Olympics 2019! All eight of our captains came on stage to proclaim why their team was the best! We are taking it back old school this year, with the theme for Olympics being “Board Games”.

Abby Pasmowitz and Miles Rothman are the captains for Monopoly. Sammi Landsman and Scott Simon are the captains for Candyland. Madi Tepper and Ben Eliott are the captains for Life and Blake Rodos and Emma Lynch are the captains for Clue. Our captains are recognized as some of the best counselors in camp. They are a great bunch this summer and they are so excited to lead their teams to victory! The teams will be handed out tonight and our first rally for the campers to learn their Olympics songs will be tonight after dinner!

All of the campers were beyond excited for Olympics to break and can’t wait for a day of fun and competition this Friday!

Tonight’s evening activities are filled with Pal Campfires. The younger and older campers can’t wait to roast smores together and the lower debs are headed out on an overnight under the stars!