Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 7th

, July 7, 2024

Early tomorrow morning, the oldest campers in camp, The Greeks, will embark on their big trip to Western Pennsylvania. They’ll board buses well before revile sounds for a four-hour trip to Seven Springs Mountain Resort with their counselors and supervisors Aunt Rene and Uncle Danny.

The Greeks are in their final two years as campers. They are responsible for serving meals and operate on a modified schedule befitting rising 10th and 11th graders. For many, Greek summers are the most memorable; campers go through several summers working their way up to become a Greek. These are the campers who get to stay at dances the latest; they get Canteen after evening activity; they are the group from which Camper Captains are selected.

But for many, the Greek Trip is something they most look forward to.

This year, the Greek Trip will take them whitewater rafting and spelunking. They’ll go axe throwing and explore a new place; they’ll see caves and mountains and they’ll register another set of memorable experiences they’ll share with close friends.

The Greeks were making sandwiches this evening for their trip and some of them were hanging out in the Circle, a favorite spot in camp to socialize. They talked about how excited they were to go rafting and to check out caves for the first time. They were excited to stay in a hotel and go out of camp for a few days.

But they also talked about how many of them have never been on vacation without their families and how for the first time, they were going away with friends. Camp friends.

There are an infinite number of experiences packed into a Camp Green Lane summer, from learning how to paddle a canoe or hitting a softball for the first time. The ropes course is a thrill we all remember doing the very first time. Our first dance, our first campfire, our first bee sting are all part of a summer at camp.

Individually, these are all memorable experiences. But when you try new things and discover new achievements, being around camp friends always makes it a little sweeter. Making a foul shot for the first time is great. The rest of your bunk jumping on you to celebrate makes it even sweeter. Winning a medal is cool. Having your whole division chant your name really is priceless.

So tomorrow, the Greeks will board a bus and head west for three days of amazing adventures and experiences. They’ll raft and throw axes and eat delicious food for three days.

All of which will be made a little sweeter by the people they’re with.