Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 9th

, July 9, 2016

The Inter Girls chose Perseverance as their theme of Friday night services last night.  Perseverance is a very important word and concept at Camp Green Lane.  Aunt Gail best described it as “When you try something 19 times and on the 20th time you finally achieve it.”  It is the idea that we all need to keep trying no matter what obstacles you face. Each Inter Girl cabin told a story about when they as a group persevered this summer. There were stories about helping bunkmates get to the top of the rock-climbing wall, and other stories working together to accomplish a cabin task at low ropes. Aunt Gail then challenged the rest of camp to think of their own experience this summer when they have showed perseverance. Here at Camp Green Lane, it’s not how big or small your challenge may be, but  what is important is to think about the strength we all have when we work together and support each other. Everyone at CGL is part of a family and when we support each other we show how strong our Camp Green Lane bond truly is.