Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 21st

, June 21, 2024

Greetings from Camp Green Lane!

We’re having an awesome time getting to know each other during this week of Orientation. The staff is getting used to their surroundings and learning all about what we expect of them as counselors and specialists.

They come from as far away as Perth, Australia, and as close as Plymouth Meeting, PA. Some of them stepped foot in Camp Green Lane for the very first time this week, while others have been here for many years.

Many of you at home are probably wondering what do we do at camp this week during  Staff Orientation?

The NFL has training camp. And CGL has this week to get into game shape.

Orientation is traditionally a time to learn about camp policies and procedures. For new staff, there’s a lot to learn, like where BB1 (our main basketball court) and the Canteen (where we get snacks) are; how to play games like BBK (a combination basketball-baseball-kickball) and what stacking in the dining hall is all about. For the uninitiated, orientation is a crash course in all the awesomeness of camp and a little about our fun traditions and customs of a typical Camp Green Lane summer calendar. The list is endless.

Orientation is also a time get camp ready for your children’s arrival.  Uncle Marcus is lining fields; Aunt Sandy is organizing equipment in the Field Office; Aunt Michelle is getting Arts and Crafts ready for amazing projects; Aunt Rachel has the pool ready and waiting, Aunt Bonnie is stocking the Canteen with everything the kids love and Uncle Bobby and Uncle Justin are putting the finishing touches on the menu with everyone’s favorites in the Dining Hall. And of course, Uncle Max, our Program Director, has been leading the charge—he has the best summer ever planned for us.

Finally, in the cabins, your children’s counselors are unpacking and organizing all their things so camp will be as  welcoming as possible when everyone arrives.

Camp is getting ready and we know you are, too.

In closing, we realize many of you may be coming to camp for the very first time or may be sending your precious children to CGL for the first time. No matter if it’s your first year or you’ve been part of our camp family for generations, there’s a certain magic about a Camp Green Lane summer. We grow and learn and share experiences that last a lifetime.

So what’s the key to unlocking all of that? How can you fit in here? What’s the secret to having an amazing summer?

It’s like we tell the staff all this week during orientation: Participate. Be your authentic self. Be a good teammate. Be caring. Have an insane amount of fun. Laugh. Put yourself out there.

There’s a lot to learn about Camp Green Lane. But if you start there, everything else usually just takes care of itself, connections are made and truly magical things happen over the next six weeks.

Here’s to an amazing Summer of 2024, everybody.