Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 23

, June 23, 2023

Hello Green Lane campers, Past, Present, and Future!

Two more sleeps until camp begins!!

We’ve been busy preparing for our campers to arrive, and the excitement in the air is palpable. Counselors are working hard to unpack bags and make sure there is a place for everything in the cabins. The lines on the athletic fields are being neatly painted for a season of healthy competitive sportsmanship. The dining hall is all set up to welcome over 350 campers, and the canteen is stocked with delicious treats and snacks.

Our staff have been busy in and out of training, learning about important subjects like how to keep our campers (and counselors) safe, the rules and expectations of camp, and ways to combat cabin boredom with games and activities. We have also been having a lot of fun with evening activities like blacklight dodgeball, bowling at Earl Bowl, and the first big campfire of the summer (the first campfire is always my favorite because it’s when all of the new international counselors get to see that s’mores are real and not just an American stereotype from movies and TV!)

Orientation week is a little like the calm before the storm, even though we’re constantly busy and moving. There is a stillness, or, dare I say, a quiet that has settled into camp. But as every day gets a little closer to watching those buses pull into the circle, filling camp with exuberant joy and energy, the anticipation here continues to grow.

All of the returning staff are giddy knowing what is coming on Sunday, and knowing that dozens of new counselors are about to experience it for the first time is pretty exciting, too.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our competition to name the new 8th day of the camp week! We are excited to have our very first Yayday soon and we’re sure it will soon become a CGL favorite. Stay tuned for plenty of other new ways to engage with our social media this summer!

It’s going to be a fantastic summer here between the arches, and we can’t wait to get started. Enjoy your last two nights at home!!