Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 23rd, 2021

, June 23, 2021

It’s Wednesday, and today really felt like a CGL day. The sun was out, the sound of reveille woke us up, and the staff spent most of the day in the fields and on the courts preparing to run and play alongside your children all summer.

As camp comes to life and new staff learn how CGL runs each day, from how meals work to where “the Circle” is to what O.D. stands for (On Duty), we’re getting to know each other and it’s clear we have an incredible staff in place. They’re awesome, but new, which we are finding is actually a pretty great thing.

All that newness has made the last few days even sweeter here, as our new friends master all of our crazy names and terms. Games like BBK, which is a blend of baseball, basketball and kickball. Some clearly brought their friendly, competitive juices with them, but most of the staff orienting to life at CGL have quickly learned the best way to make friends here is to just be yourself.

You can see the curiosity, excitement and joy on their faces. Hopefully you’ve seen all the great pictures flooding Facebook.

We know your children are busting right now, asking about what we’re having for lunch the first day (it’ll be a cookout, so grilled cheese will have to wait until we clear all the steps we plan to), who their counselors are, where they’re from, and all the other wonderful questions that are now top of mind with camp just a few days away.

Camp really is coming to life and it has been incredible to see. It’ll be even better Sunday when we are all here together again.