Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 24th

, June 24, 2019

Another beautiful, sunny day at Camp Green Lane!

After a breakfast of French toast, we started today with normal activities like clinic, cooking, and bikes. However, third period was interrupted for a special surprise: our first Survivor activity!

Survivor is our summer long Battle of the Divisions. Each division is assigned a color and given bandanas. Inter Girls are pink, Inter Boys are yellow, Deb Girls (the reigning Survivor champs) are orange, Cadets are red, Senior Girls are purple, Senior Boys are blue, and the Greeks are black.

We start by playing the Survivor music over the PA system and all the campers and counselors run to a location, today being BB1 (Basketball Court #1.) Our activity today was Endurance themed as we had a planking competition on the center of BB1 in front of the whole camp! Each cabin sent up a representative to see who could hold a plank position the longest. It was a close call, but after 10 whole minutes, the Senior Girls, led by Lola Kevitch, came out as champions, followed by the Greeks and then the INTER GIRLS! It was so fun to see every division cheering on their participants, and even more fun to watch an Inter Girl beat all the Senior Boys. The campers will never know when Survivor activities are going to break, so they must always be ready…

Tonight some divisions leave for their first trip of the summer. Debs are going to Freddy Hill for mini golf and ice cream, and Cadets are going bowling. Back at camp, the rest of the divisions will have their first Pal Day evening activities!

Pal Day is an awesome program where younger campers are paired with older campers so they can “show them the ropes.” They have the same Pals all summer which enables all campers to get to know other campers from other divisions. Our Senior and Inter Boys will be having a card night and our Senior and Inter Girls will be having a spa night. The older campers love hanging out with the younger campers who look up to them and remind them of their own history at camp, and for the new campers, get to experience some parts of camp they may have missed. Pals are relationships made that have always carried from one summer to the next.

We can’t wait for another fantastic Camp Green Lane day tomorrow!