Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 24th, 2021

, June 24, 2021

Special things happen at camp all the time.

You’ve probably heard about how the land between the arches holds a certain magic, where these incredible little  moments happen all the time.

One such moment unfolded this afternoon when the counselors from the senior boys and girls and the Greeks were learning more of our activities and games like frisbee golf, gaga (which, as it turns out, is NOT Israeli dodgeball as we’ve been told for decades—our Israeli friends say they never heard of it), and a new favorite, Pillo Polo.

However, in the downtime between those activities the “students” became the teacher and they taught us a new one.

We’ll call it “Escape” until we can think of a better name, but the point is you and a friend sit one in front of the other on the ground in pairs. When one person’s name is called, the other has to try to get up while their partner tries to hug them to the ground. Hilarity ensued.

Sounds simple, but this spontaneous little moment showed that the magic here isn’t limited to just the campers. Our staff is starting to realize they’re in for an incredible experience, too, and one they will remember for the rest of their lives.

A Camp Green Lane summer is made up of countless small spontaneous moments where perhaps someone earns a cool nickname, or a bunk wins a tight match against the cabin next door, or one of our campers accomplishes a goal and the entire group celebrates together.

That’s what makes Camp Green Lane!!

Of all the important lessons our staff is learning this week, that one may be right at the top.