Camp Green Lane Blog Post – June 24th

, June 24, 2023

‘Twas the night before Green Lane and all around camp

The umbrellas are wet and the towels are damp,

For you see it’s been raining the past couple days,

But nothing can stop the first-day-of-camp craze.


We’re ready for sunshine and campers and fun,

Orientation is over, but summer’s only begun!

The field nets are up and the lawns have been mowed,

Bags are unpacked in your rustic abodes.


The counselors are ready for you to arrive,

With their care and attention you’re destined to thrive.

You’ll find yourself challenged, encouraged, and cheered,

As you take on new feats, some familiar, some weird.


At home you may wonder, “What’s in store for me there?

What other kids will I meet? Are they nice? Will they share?”

Others might be elated, jumping out of their seats,

Dreaming of free play and sweet canteen treats.


Being nervous is normal, or anxious or scared,

Whatever you’re feeling, your counselor’s prepared!

We promise you’ll love it, you won’t want to leave,

And we hope you’ll believe us this First-Day-of-Camp Eve.


And parents, don’t worry, they’re safe in good hands,

Whether bunking in Hershey or Pirates or Sands

Or any great cabin between arch to arch,

Where into the summer we’re ready to march.


So we’ll see you tomorrow getting off of your bus,

We’ll be there with bells on, making quite a large fuss.

We can’t wait to see you, in sun or in rain,

To welcome you to your summer home, our beloved Camp Green Lane.