Camp Green Lane Blog Post- June 24th

, June 24, 2018

Today has been a great day!

After a restful night of sleep, campers made their way to the dining hall for their first breakfast together — cereal, eggs, English muffin and tater tots! It was wonderful seeing new friendships blossom as cabins giggled throughout the meal recalling the shenanigans of the counselor talent show and their first night together bonding in the cabin!

Following breakfast, campers selected their Clinics and Electives for the first cycle of the summer, with the veteran campers helping the new campers with their choices. Clinic choices included football, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, swimming, volleyball, softball, lacrosse, and gymnastics. Elective choices included archery, arts and crafts, cooking, drama, gaga, lake, mini-golf/ping pong, quads, high ropes, video, Frisbee golf, and whiffle ball. The rest of the morning we ran our first regular day at camp. For those of you that don’t know, we don’t have traditionally named days of  the week here at Camp Green Lane, our days are called Someday, Anyday, Oneday, Heyday, Sayday, Playday and Funday.  Today we ran a Someday schedule and the kids were out playing and having a blast. There were campers learning new games like BBK and playing flag football, lots of basketball and softball instruction periods, leagues team evaluations and finally the lake, as always was a big hit with our brand new jumbo water trampoline being used by so many laughing smiling campers!

As is tradition, our Sunday lunch was bagels and lox, followed by rest period. After rest period, cabins jumped into their afternoon activities. As I write this and peek out the window, in my view, I see Cadet boys racing each other in the pool, and Senior girls playing an intense game of beach volleyball!

Tonight, we will run our first division evening activities of the summer. The Inter Boys will be in the Gym and the Inter Girls in the Canteen, both playing their own games of Meet your Match to get to know each other and meet new friends. The Cadets have Elimination Newcomb under the lights at beach volleyball. The Deb girls division has Message to Garcia, a Camp Green Lane favorite,( whisper down the lane throughout camp),. The Senior Boys have Basketball under the lights on BB1 while the Senior girls will be making up fun skits on their hill while playing a game of Panic.

The summer is off to a great start and we are all excited for the next amazing camp day.