Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 25th

, July 25, 2018

Usually my turn to blog is at the end of the summer but this year I figured I’ll throw one in today. It’s been an absolutely amazing summer so far (but you already know that from the smiles on your kids faces that you see in pictures each day). For me being in my office, aka the pool, all day is an absolute joy.  I love watching the campers not only swim but just ”be.”

I loved that in the last torrential downpour the Debs asked to swim and had the best time at their private rain pool party- that is camp. I love sitting at meals next to the inner girls and watching them standing on their chairs cheering “how funky is your chicken” to another bunk- that is camp.  Watching senior boys give piggyback rides to the littlest Marlin & when the little girl from Holiday can’t see the canteen treats she gets a boost from a different camper (without asking)- that is camp. When I walk by a bunk sitting under the tree singing old color war songs or the campers walking into breakfast in their pajamas-that is camp. I have my own 3 girls here and when I see them…happy as can be, confident, smiling, laughing, hugging, singing, arm-in-arm with their bunk mates & I know they are making forever friendships and memories- that is camp.

This is Camp–an absolute gift. That is Camp Green Lane.

Yours in Camping,

Aunt Rachel Pool