Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 25th, 2021

, June 25, 2021

There was singing in the dining hall  as the sounds of singing and clapping spilled out of for the first time this summer. The occasion: the start of Shabbat.

While this is recognized each Friday night here at camp, in our own way, many of our new staff are used to celebrating in their own way. So you might have thought Cabaret came early this year as dozens of counselors, whether they celebrate Shabbat or not, came together to light candles and mark the start of Shabbat with some celebration.

While we’re always up for celebrations of all kinds here at Camp Green Lane, what we saw happen was yet another reminder of why CGL is so special. Because no matter where you’re from or what you like to do, what language you speak or what customs you observe, this is a place that allows you to feel comfortable, plant your flag and carve out a home for yourself. To be respected for who you are.

Our counselors and staff are reminded all the time about responsibility and expectations, about how being safe and having fun are paramount here. They’re getting all that.

But they’re also starting to see the other stuff that no meeting and no presentation can ever convey: that Camp Green Lane is our home.

And now it’s becoming theirs, too.  We can’t wait to show our campers their summer home in just a couple days!