Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 26th

, June 26, 2019

We are in full swing here at Camp Green Lane.

Although reveille isn’t until 7:50, the Inter boys have been out on boy’s lawn bright and early. You can hear their laughter float through camp and it is an amazing sound to wake to.  Who doesn’t love a good laugh? They seem to be contagious these days.  It seemed like every activity I visited today I found a group of campers doubled over with laughter!!!

During clinic today, I was lucky enough to take part in basketball. I decided to do the activities along with the campers and counselors to see how awesome our coaches are this summer. Let me tell you, it was a workout! It was so great to see the boys so excited to learn new skills and practice their technique. I saw Boys staying focused and helping each other through the drills. Everyone was having so much fun.

In the afternoon I attended girls volleyball clinic. It was so cool to see some of the more experienced players’ help out kids who had never played before. Everyone was supporting each other in learning how to play together. I think this is a very special part about Camp Green Lane. Everyone wants to help each other be successful here. We help each other in sports, we help each other with cheers and everyone looks out for each other. Not only do the campers have their counselors looking out for them but also their friends, in the cabin next door, their Supervisors and all the other Upper staff.  As a summer family, we are all here to support one another and help each other make the most of our time in our summer home.

Tonight all divisions are in camp for evening activities. Inter Girls are playing Sing Down, Inter Boys are playing Message to Garcia, Deb and Greek girls are having their first Pal Spa Night while Cadets and Greek boys are having their first Pal Card Night, Senior Girls are going to be doing some bonding with Fireside and Senior Boys get to have more fun in the pool with night time water polo.