Camp Green Lane Blog Post – June 26th

, June 26, 2024

Some of the more memorable moments of a Camp Green Lane summer stem from personal accomplishments, trying new things for the first time, and maybe going outside your comfort zone to unlock new experiences.

For some, the very idea of sleepaway camp sits outside of what’s comfortable. The idea of leaving the comforts of home behind for seven weeks, meeting new people, operating on a schedule that may be different from home or school and living with a group of other people may all be an adjustment.

What camp offers far outweighs all that and eventually, those adjustments quickly become comforts of camp.

Last night was the first overnight experience of the summer. That’s when the entire division packs up at shower hour, hikes up to Quads and makes camp to spend the night in the field. Campers and counselors pitch tents, cook dinner and smores over a campfire and spend a memorable night talking and telling stories under the stars.

Sleeping in a tent outside for the night can be an adjustment for many. For some, there may be hesitation. From the oldest boys to the youngest girls, camping may require a bit of courage.

But those who stick it out and spend the night up there regularly recall it as one of the most memorable nights of camp.

A Camp Green Lane summer offers many opportunities for campers to test themselves, to try new things and have new experiences. Maybe it’s getting in a canoe for the first time or mustering the courage to fly down the zip line. Here, they have the chance to walk across a balance beam, take buzzer-beater shots and perform in front of other people in shows in the Globe.

The summer will be packed with these moments of personal growth and accomplishment. Last night was our first overnight of the summer and another truly memorable night at camp for those who participated.

Today was Oneday on the schedule. Today and tomorrow, Path to Rhythm is in camp for campers to participate in a group percussion event that’s kept a steady beat thumping through camp all day.

Tonight, the Inter Girls are going Bowling and the Debs are headed to Freddy Hill. Inter Boys will play Name Bingo, Cadets are playing bombardment, Senior Boys hold the 2024 Leagues Draft, Senior Girls are doing Karaoke and the Greeks will compete in Cake Boss.

Somewhere in all of that, probably more than once, someone will go outside their comfort zone to find an incredible experience waiting for them. The summer is filled with them and today was no different.