Camp Green Lane Blog Post-June 26th

, June 26, 2018

Last night’s out of camp trips were a blast! Cadets were bowling up a storm, with cabins challenging each other for high score. Debs looked like pros on the mini golf course, racking up a bunch of hole-in-ones and impressive birdies! Campers always love out of camp trips, and last night was no exception.

Yesterday campers were busy learning new skills in their Clinics — and today those skills were put to the test with leagues now in full swing! — I watched the Inter Boys locked into some great soccer and basketball games, and Inter Girls compete in a thrilling beach volleyball game. Most importantly, though, I witnessed fantastic sportsmanship, with rival teams helping each other up when someone falls, and all players eagerly shaking hands after the game. It’s these type of qualities that make Camp Green Lane such a special place.

Out of camp trips continue tonight, this time with Inter Boys going to Freddy Hill for mini golf and ice cream; Inter Girls going bowling; and Senior Boys, Girls, and Greeks going to the movies! Let the good times roll…

Yours in Camping,

Uncle Mike