Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 27th

, June 27, 2019

Another beautiful day at Camp Green Lane brought our very first Sayday schedule of the summer! Inter Boys and Cadet Boys had leagues today with teams playing basketball, soccer, flag football, and gaga, while girls camp got to enjoy their chosen Electives, which happen every other day. .

The summer is really in full swing and everyone is having a blast at their daily activities. The spirit is all around whether a cabin is playing top bunks vs bottom bunks or playing leagues with their whole division. Clinic time is really helping everyone get prepared for the upcoming Intercamp Games against Camp Arrowhead. Intercamp Games happen a few times a summer with other camps in the area and is always a great time for the campers to show off their skills while playing against new people.

Additionally, today was our first Camp-Within-A-Camp of the summer. Our Camp-Within-A-Camp program is an intensive one-day program that provides campers with professional, personalized instruction in a particular sport or other activity. While the CGL program gives our campers a wide variety of sports and activities, we realize that several campers may have a strong passion for a specific one. Camp-Within-A-Camp satisfies that need. Each summer we feature a different lineup of these camps.  Today’s Volleyball Camp-Within-A-Camp program was coached by Brandon Johnson of Pinnacle Volleyball.   It was inspiring to watch the focus on campers’ faces as they honed their volleyball skills. Most importantly, it was great to see the camaraderie between program participants as they supported each other during the lesson.

Tonight’s evening activities are a campfire for the Inter Boys and Girls, night swim for the Debs, leagues for the Cadets, Panic! (a game of wacky storytelling) for the Senior Boys, Sing Down for the Senior Girls, and a trip to Walmart for the Greeks.