Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 28th

, June 28, 2024

Is it Friday already?

It’s funny that at home, we all work through the week to get to Friday. School and work operate on a ticking clock of deadlines, appointments and assignments to get us to the weekend. But here at camp, the only things that let us know it’s Friday are what we eat and our Evening Activity.

CGL Fridays always feature a BBQ Lunch cookouts with hot dog at the picnic tables for lunch. Dinners are usually chicken and mashed potatoes and fresh challah bread. Tonight, Uncle  Justin is treating us to fried chicken, which has many around camp super-excited.

Our Evening Activity every Friday is Friday Night Services, one of the more special nights of a CGL week.

Services bring the whole camp together for a short reflection of the week, some singing and some special awards the whole camp looks forward to. Cabins are awarded pizza parties and ice cream treats for winning weekly Inspection and Spirit awards, counselors will be named COWs (Counselors of the Week) and a special medal, the CGL CHIP, will be awarded to the most Generous people in camp.  CGL CHIPS is an acronym for Compassion Generosity Leadership Creativity Honesty Integrity Perseverance and Sportsmanship, and at every Friday service, we highlight one of these important character traits and award the CGL CHIPS to one camper in each division and one staff member who have best represented this week’s CGL CHIPS.

Following Services, each cabin will have a Bunk Party with treats from the Canteen they all ordered ahead of time.

TGIF, everyone. Forgive us if we didn’t realize it was Friday already.