Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 29th

, June 29, 2019

Have you ever gotten into bed at night after a full day and just before you closed your  eyes you said to yourself:

“Wow, that was so much fun!”

And what you realized was that is was just the BEST EXTRAORDINARILY WONDERFUL REGULAR DAY!

That was today between the arches!

There was a buzz in the air.  Activities abound!   Laughter and splashing in the pool.

There was loud cheering ringing from the dining hall rafters – “my spirits louder”!!!

Some awesome basketball games on BB1!  Screams of joy as the competition heated up.

Hugs and more hugs.  Campers with campers.  Counselors with campers.   Smiles and wider smiles.  Sun out.  Clouds gone. Blue skies everywhere.  And balls in the air!

Then Afternoon Snack rang and the camp came together again in the canteen.  Reuniting and hanging out.

We believe that when we all put our heads on the pillow tonight, just like you, that it was the BEST EXTRAORDINARILY WONDERFUL REGULAR DAY between the arches!