Camp Green Lane Blog Post June 29th

, June 29, 2024

There’s always a ton of activities and special events scheduled throughout a Camp Green Lane summer to keep us busy and playing and having fun. But the real magic of camp happens between all that scheduled programming and it comes in moments like the one today when a group of boys were sitting around at Rest Period, the time we have after lunch to relax, hang out and spend quality time with friends.

Three boys were sitting in the shade watching another try to complete a Rubic’s Cube. He did it, and he completed it pretty fast. The other boys were impressed and the one boy showed the others how to complete the puzzle. They asked questions, he gave tips. Then the conversation turned to who the fastest “cubers” in the group were, and soon, the group had grown in size, a stopwatch was acquired and the race was on to find the fastest hands on the hill. Sam, they said, could do it faster than anyone.

It took him 44 seconds. In front of this rapt audience, he achieved legendary status. In another summer, another lifetime, that same boy was new and painfully shy and he would have kept this superpower a secret. But today, he was the Greatest Rubic’s Cuber in Camp.

That’s magic.

Tonight is Pals Night, one of the more fun activities of the summer. Pals Night pairs campers from different age groups, placing Inters with Seniors and Debs and Cadets with Greeks, giving each camper in camp a “big” brother or sister and a “little” brother or sister for the summer.

The Pals pairings will be used to connect campers throughout the summer for a variety of events.

Tonight, the younger Pals will welcome their older Pals to their home turf for some fun at the Inter Boys and Girls playgrounds and in areas near their cabins. They will be get introduced to their Pals and play some “get to know each other games.”  Later in the summer, the younger campers will be invited to visit their older friends to participate in activities the older campers traditionally enjoy, such as Wiffleball on Senior Hill.

And in those moments, more magical connections will occur.

And maybe someone will break the Rubic’s Cube record.