Camp Green Lane Blog Post –June 30th

, June 30, 2019

Today saw the campers turn their attention to our first special event of the summer—Carnival, which is this coming Friday.    Two bunks were paired together today at lunch to begin practicing for our Carnival Lip Sync Battle and the creativity has begun. The theme this year is ROAD TRIP!

And, with the calendar turning to July tomorrow, we are only 20 days away from your annual summer pilgrimage between the arches to spend a summer afternoon in camp with your children.

As you enter camp, have you ever looked up to see the GREEN ARCHES???

A little history.  Camp Green Lane began making memories on these hallowed grounds in 1926 but didn’t take on the name of CAMP GREEN LANE until 1944.

In 1956, someone was smart enough to build green arches at both ends of leading in to and out of our camp. The arches have become an iconic brand for many thousands of kids who have grown, married, started their own families, and now see their kids return to live 10-for-2!

Like the McDonald golden arches, the FedEx trucks, the Google logo, the Green Lane arches mean much more to our kids than any nationwide symbol.

When you see your kids on July 20th, mention the Green Lane Arches to them.  Watch the smiles appear.  Ask them why they are smiling? Sit back and listen to the excitement about all of their summer times!

And you will be reminded of why 249 Camp Green Lane Rd and these GREEN ARCHES are our home away from home!

See all of you in 21 days and see you on this page tomorrow for our next newsletter!